Jersey Cards watering down the market?

Once upon a time, jersey/memorabilia cards were king.  A lot has changed over the years that has made the demand of relic cards drop like a rock.  With the introduction of so many different types and the massive quantities of each type, once can't help but notice the massive decline in the market for them.  Now don't get me wrong, Some jersey cards can still pull in a decent trade or sale (Mostly HOFers and Star Rookies).

It's gotten so watered down that typical jersey cards are good for only about $1 a piece.  I know I've got a 3 row box jammed full of jersey cards that I've obtained over the years.  I find it nearly impossible to trade some of them and would be lucky to list them on ebay for $.99 and actually have them sell.

I guess a whole nother problem in itself is jersey cards in premium packs.  Here is something I'm kind of on the fence about.  Example:  My friend paid roughly $45 for a 2010 Tribute football pack a few months ago, now remember this is a single pack with a jersey or auto in it.  Well he happens to pull a Jermaine Gresham dual GU jersey card from it.  Here's the kicker, Jermaine Gresham Tributes go for $2-$4 each on ebay......worse yet, those prices are for the autos.  I would imagine that you can MAYBE get a buck out of the jersey card.  I also understand the whole aspect of basically gambling when you open wax products as well.  Sorry for the terrible pic of the Gresham, it was from my phone :-P

So I ask, what's your opinion on the whole relic card market, too watered down?  Should higher priced premium packs always supply you with at least an autograph?


  1. The market is watered down, but so is any market when you look at it. Automobiles, Poker games, cards, it is all the same. Buying expensive packs of cards is a gamble, and that is how you have to look at it. If you are into buying packs for the money, i can almost guarantee you are going to lose. Everyone gets lucky hits and it is those that bring your spirits up and want to keep you enticed.

    Watered down...yes.

    But is it fun....Yep.

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